woensdag 21 maart 2018

The Cryptocoins

Alternatieve tekst voor Tom Lehrers The Elements (1959).
Karaokeversie voor zelf indubben hier.
Mijn versie hier embedded. Enjoy!


There’s Bitcoin, Litecoin, Stellar, IOTA, EOS, NEO, Ripple, Dash
There’s ICON, TRON, Ethereum, Aeternity and Bitcoin Cash
There’s Lisk and NEM and Qtum and Steem and Waves and Verge and MaidSafe Coin
There’s Kyber Network, Power Ledger, IOS Token, Binance Coin

And Cryptonex, and Tether, VeChain, Nano, Zcash, WaltonChain
There’s  KuCoin Shares and Ark and Gas and Qash and Aelf and DragonChain
There’s Request Network, Bytecoin, Stratis, Rchain and Ontology
And Maker, Status, Dogecoin, Bitshares, Decred and Iconomi


There’s Particl, and Augur, Bytom, Hshare, Veritaseum
And Salt and Syscoin, Ardor, Golem, Kin and Electroneum
There’s GXChain and Ethos, Factom, Aion, Loopring, DigiByte
And Polymath and Funfair, Nxt and Dent and Storj and Byteball Bytes


There’s Cindicator, Revain, REddcoin, Zcoin, Chainlink, EmerCoin
And Raiden Network, Bancor, Smartcash, Nexus, Bitcore, Dentacoin
And Theta Token, WAX and Nuls and Asch and Storm and Neblio
Decentraland and Pillar, Blocknet, Gnosis, Vertcoin, Komodo

There’s Bitcoin Dark, Substratum, PayPie, Quantstamp, Civic, Enigma
And Minex Coin, Monaco, Ignis, Achain, Skycoin, Zilliqa
And Enjin Coin, and Salus, Metal, Navcoin, Ubiq, Populous
There’s Aragon and Credits, Pura, ZenCash, Arcblock, Nebulas


And XPA, and AdEx, Fusion, SpaceChain, Edgeless, OmiseGO
There’s Simple Token, Telcoin, Ion, Oyster, Bluzelle, DigixDAO
There’s Bibox Token, MediShares, Ambrosus, BitBay, MonaCoin
And Jibrel Network, Peercoin, Bridgecoin, Melon, VIBE and Siacoin

These are a hundred forty of the very highest rated
The ruler of them all perhaps has yet to be created

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