zondag 16 februari 2020

Space Cowboys

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Hey space cowboy, you know you are just
Another lone rider made of starry dust
Hey space cowboy...

We're space cowboys and we're gonna go far
We're shooting through space on our way to the stars
Looking into the light we travel into the past
While flying forward to the future and doing it fast

Hey space cowboy there is no time to lose
Before you blast off better tell me the news
Hey space cowboy...

In the endless void there is nothing but night
But according to Einstein our path must be right
We like counting down to the big bang's birth
And we're not above just orbiting Earth

Hey space cowboy better do what you love
Now tell me your story and then lift back off
Hey space cowboy...

Planets are pale and the stars are so bright
One day we'll be going faster than light
We like innovation and we dig a good race
We’re crazy ‘bout rockets and we love outer space

Hey space cowboy in your high speed box
It's money that rolls but it's space that rocks
Hey space cowboy...

Marvin’s Dance by Silent Partner

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