dinsdag 10 maart 2020

Bitcoin Boogie (English version)

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This is the English version of a song that I wrote three years ago and put to music last year.

Money is made of copper, silver or gold
Precious shiny stuff that you want to hold
Cute little coins, they ring and roll
You don’t want one, you want them all
Money, a funny thing, got you bought and sold

It’s the bling bling boogie
where filthy rich is fine
ka-ching-ching boogie
That gold mine should be mine

Money is paper bills and plastic cards
The bank says spending coins is just too hard
I feel so light, I feel so great
In this eternal shopping state
My debt is not the end, it’s just a start

Do the credit card boogie
Debt’s a better bet
Bank card boogie
That’s what the banker said

Money’s a game for smartphone and pc
More points, more coins, more bang is what you see
Buy your stuff from the boogie man
He’ll make a price like no-one can
A slave of the game and the guy is what you’ll be

PayPal boogie
Worldwide flashing gains
Square b-b-boogie
Flushing down the drains

Money is made out of coding and energy
A pinch o’ peer to peer and a bunch o’ cryptography
Blockchain sure is built to last
Lightning makes it lightning fast
Bitcoin gives your purse autonomy

There’s your bitcoin boogie
Bouncing up and down
Bitcoin boogie
All around
The best in town
The coin with the crypto crown

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