zaterdag 9 september 2017

Underwise in English

I talk English wis you, dis is easy for us Dutch
We speak it on de street want we have tourists best well much
We have it on de school because our underwise is good
En if you take det snackbar dey will give you lekker food

English is on our tv en on de t-shirt det I wear
Dus I can say you det de Rijks is hier en Stopera is dere
It’s fine det it has lucked me, hè, to wise you guys the way
En now it’s about science det I have someting to say

We are very excellent en det is very true
Because when we do someting, ja, we do it true en true
We want to stay so good derefore de college det we give
Must be in English also, toch, to let it really live

We write in flowing English when we have a publication
En English is de voertaal when we hold a presentation
Nou, on de university dere is no odder way
We must do all in English en it all will be okay

Of course you have to learn good Dutch if you come working hier
You burger in, you know, dus what you saying must be clear
Ja, let us stride for science wis us all togedder
Because our excellence will make de world veel bedder

1 opmerking:

  1. Hallo, ik vind het zoooo great, excellent, formidable, double meanings, soft critiek, funny ( in the geleerde wat!!) Merci!! This manière of using many intermingled languages vind ik zelf ook zeer interessant to write with. Grand merci encore!